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Special Events


Dr. Greg and staff went to Chester W. Taylor Jr. Elementary School and gave
a presentation to the 5th graders. The students were a lot of fun and
shared stories about their teeth. Dr. Greg and staff talked about good
dental health and gave out prizes to kids who answered questions correctly.
Dr. Greg has a great collection which includes a woolly mammoth tooth,
ancient horse tooth from Tampa, bear and cow skull (which shows the teeth)
and an ancient mammal tooth that is 24 million years old. He passed them
around and the kids really enjoyed the up close view. Dr. Greg and staff
had a great time sharing with the kids!



Father's Day 2015:  Dr. Greg and team helped the patients surprise their fathers with "Stache" Bags full of goodies just for dad!


Special Events
Special Events
Special Events

Mother's Day 2014: Dr. Greg and team helped these patients surprise their
mothers with roses